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Impeachment Again - Really?

Well looks like we are in another impeachment cycle again.

The democratic congress instead of working for the people is just involved in finding a reason to impeach President Trump from day one. Now they have stumbled upon the Ukraine Drama to really go ahead, even though no one believes they can pull through all the way.

I also have a big problem with Mr Trump. Why in the world we are concerning ourselves with Ukraine when we have so much of work to do in our states with all the infrastructure that was promised. Also I have a problem with the fallacy that Joe Biden can even win an election to even try to get him down. When Mr Trump got elected we all thought that we will solve a bunch of problems as the President won't care if he gets elected again (like regular politicians) and do the right thing. We will get rid of our China problems, our Immigration problems, our Health system problems, our Infrastructure problems, our Regulatory problems and to add to all this everyone will …

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