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The show must go on

COVID-19 is not the first infectious disease to hit planet earth. We have recorded history of tons of such diseases. Even in the past two decades, we have seen SARS, H1N1, EBOLA and now Corona. Just like there have always been bad actors and good actors even among humans, there are bad actors and good actors in these invisible beings - Virus, Bacteria, Fungus et al.

COVID-19 is just one of the many epidemics/pandemics yet to come. The human race is at least thousands of years old, if not millions. So are these diseases. We have increased our lives by learning to fight these diseases that we cannot even retire with full benefits until the age of 67.5 (US). Of course retirement is a human term and has nothing to do with biology. I see some people still working very efficiently even at the ripe old age of 89 (Warren Buffett), while many people just cannot sustain the government created retirement age of 67.5.

I just think we were too complacent in our medical discoveries and inventions.…

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