The Mexico border problem solution in a nutshell

We hear a lot that Mexico is a big problem for our country. I am neither a Mexican nor a supporter of Illegal Immigration. However I see US solving world's problems, but not of our neighbors and that intrigues me.

Why do people want to migrate from Mexico illegally?

My simple brain tells me - because of economic inequality.

Otherwise people would also migrate from Canada en-mass. But they don't, because they are better off in Canada.

So the simple brain solution is to work with Mexico to bring the country to the same living standards as the US. If we can spend trillions in destroying Iraq and then re-building it, why can't we just spend some money on Mexico.

I am pretty sure, any money spent on Mexico will ultimately bring value to US.

Border problem solved. It's that simple.

Of course first we need to figure out a solution for our own Puerto Rico. If a president is not elected from our own union territory, that does not mean it's not our problem.


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