Analysts, Reporters and the Stock Market

Well I have been in the Stock Market for many years. I have done some Stock Analysis myself and read a lot of analysts on my way to creating my portfolio. I am no Warren Buffett, but surely can see all Analysts raising targets when the markets are jumping and then lowering targets when the markets are tanking. Also when a company reports higher or lower, the analysts again jump to raise or lower targets. So what are they good for? Well the answer lies somewhere in the above lines. Nothing!

Recently Reuters reported that J&J knew all along that there was asbestos in it's talc. Of course they knew, as its impossible to mine talc without very small amounts of asbestos. Just like you cannot totally eliminate bacteria from drinking water, you can just lower the levels to such a level that its harmless. Asbestos is known to be a carcinogen, but that does not mean that negligible amounts of it in talc will cause cancer. The human body has its own defense system, and doesn't get stymied by small amounts of poisons all around us. J&J is a major pharma company reputed for more than a century serving mankind all over the world. If we cannot rely on them, then we should just stop taking all medicine and move to the medieval era.


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