Its really a very sensitive topic and a lot of public or in person bashing if you talk something good about 45. I am not a fan of any politician ever, as no one does what they promise in their election campaigns. And I am not averse to bashing any politician, as that is democracy and politicians should be open to criticism. But as with everything else, we need to pick our battles and see whats good for the nation. Presidents come and go but the country, world and the planet will survive well beyond our lifetimes.

So in the grand scheme of things, I just see President Trump an outcome of President Obama's tenure which was no less divisive, just in a different way. The same will follow with the next presidential election.

We just need to make sure, that beyond all tweets and media acrimony we as populace get what we really need for our country and family.

MAGA is not a bad slogan and if we get some returns on that in the next two or six years, it would all be good. We cannot ignore our country any more and keep rebuilding Afghanistan and Iraq. If we would want to build anything apart from US, we should do it for Mexico, as that would really help us in the long run.


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