Dump Amazon for the US Economy

Amazon has killed more jobs in the US than any other company till date. And this is not because its better than other retail firms. Its just an outlet to enable the Chinese Communist Middlemen to sell cheap and harmful goods to Millennials hooked to their smart phones. Amazon also provides supposedly free shipping (using the Prime model) to enable their lazy business model. I am not against a modern platform like Amazon. Nor I am against online business. I am against Amazon for being an unscrupulous platform. In this time of distress when I am looking for masks or gloves, I get offers for June shipment. Desperate me clicks to buy and then discovers that Walmart will deliver in April. Now as soon as I try to cancel the order, I am informed that my gloves and masks are already shipped and cannot be cancelled. I am informed that they can be tracked on YunExpress, a delivery service I have never heard of. Is this Alibaba that I am buying stuff from or Amazon. I should better visit Alibaba as then I would know before hand that I am buying Chinese goods.

China has killed the world by unleashing its misinformation campaign about the corona virus. Amazon has killed all the US businesses by going hand in hand with China.

Let us all Americans take an oath today to shun and dump Amazon and all its products.

Lets promote the online platforms supported by Macy's, J C Penny, Best Buy, Walmart, Target et al.

Lets just abandon buying anything and everything from Amazon in support of the 22,000 unsuspecting American Martyrs killed by the proxy corona war unleashed by China on the US till date.


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