Let's avoid everything Made in China including Virus

I started following and buying stocks in the year 2000, I looked forward to the earnings season that started with Alcoa. The "AA" ticker used to determine the direction the stocks will mostly take for the quarter. US was the largest producer of Aluminum in the world. Fast Forward Year 2020, China is the largest producer of Aluminum for the past so many years. "AA" is not followed by anyone anymore.

I can understand that most folks in the US would want to do high paying jobs and let the third world do the menial jobs like manufacturing. I can also understand that "AAPL" and "AMZN" can be the new tickers determining the direction the quarter would take. but I simply cannot understand why everything by the name of manufacturing has go to China.

I know there have been quotas in place by country for the textile industry for decades. Where are these Quotas for "AAPL" or "AMZN" or any other manufacturing?

Let's look at the epidemic or pandemic situations in the past twenty years, SARS (2003 - Guangdong, China), H1N1 (2009 - Veracruz, Mexico) before COVID19. Both of these were well contained as not everything was manufactured in China yet and we could control the spread and China was not so concerned about their reputation (they did do a cover up even then though) and of course Mexico is well in sync with the US, so apparently transparency was maintained.

COVID19 situation is different. China is now the world's second largest economy by forcing every single person in Communist China to work in manufacturing whether they want to or not. The working conditions are so bad even at the closely watched Apple Manufacturing facilities that some of the workers find suicide as the only reprieve to end their forced labor. They have therefore outpriced every single country in the world and have become the source of every single item that humans use, including drug raw materials. They have stolen all of the world's technology and then outpriced all the OEMs to become the new OEM for everything possible. They copy the technology and flout the world's patent laws by patenting the copies in China and then force stop the manufacturing of the original OEMs. They even own the largest  rare earth metal reserves, so can control the technology industry if they want to.

China could not afford to be transparent on COVID19, as they were worried that it would spoil their reputation and affect their economy. China sacrificed Wuhan and Hubei to control the spread, but the world came to know almost two months later via a whistleblower doctor who later died of the same virus. All world travel to and from China went normal for more than three months until South Korea and Italy erupted and the world started noticing the real impact. China has reported 3329 deaths till date (4/4/20) that cannot be accurate when the world's most medically advanced nation, The United States of America is reporting 8438 deaths. China is again lying in a pandemic condition as they lie in almost everything they do. How long can we take these lies? In business they lie, in disease they lie and now they are trying to act like a super power by donating one thousand ventilators to New York and the Governor singing Chinese Tunes.

Its high time the world wakes up to the fact that we cannot let China take over the world's manufacturing or diseases. Let us as world citizens take an oath today that we will only buy the best of the goods even if they are pricier and lets make sure that they are not made in China. Let's buy less and best. I am pretty sure almost every household in the US has a lot of items bought impulsively on Amazon that have gone bad in a few months. American and European goods used to last forever.

Let us avoid everything China be it goods or disease, until they come clean and follow all the rules.

God Bless the World including China!



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