Are we already Herd Immune?

If you ask the professionals about the COVID-19 Outbreak in US, they will provide a very measured answer. It came to US from Europe and not from Asia, based on genetic analysis. In Europe, COVID-19 was first confirmed in Italy on 21st February with the first 16 cases. Of course it all blew up everywhere after that. Today on 9th April, Italy has 143,626 cases and 18,279 deaths, Spain has 153,222 cases and 15,447 deaths, US has 465,750 cases and 16,679 deaths.

When and how did it all actually start. First unofficial published case appeared in China on 17th November. Of course we need to pay attention to the word published. China is a communist nation where regular news becomes public months after it has actually occurred. This is an ailment which very much appears like Flu and ends as Pneumonia for a small percentage. So China may not even have realized it as a separate strain until the hospitals may have started noticing an increase in cases. Of course no one in China dares to report to the media, so must have stayed with local governments for a few days and then state and finally Beijing. We can safely assume a delay of 45 days to the first published case on 17th November.

If we count back, approximately late September is when the hospitals started noticing and late August when it really may have jumped from the Bats to the Humans.

September 1st to November 17th, innumerable people visited Wuhan, a huge manufacturing hub in China. Lots from Europe, US, Iran et al without even knowing anything about Corona. China actually locked down Wuhan on January 23rd. We can therefore safely assume that the aggressive Flu season we had in the US this winter was in large parts COVID-19. Never seen Such Fast Flu deaths before.

So the big question is, are we already HERD IMMUNE? Lets mobilize the Scientists and Doctors to investigate from this angle and test everyone in US for the COVID-19 antibodies. We can save lives using their plasma. And let's just test every human on this planet including Pets. It will cost much less than closing the world.


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