The show must go on

COVID-19 is not the first infectious disease to hit planet earth. We have recorded history of tons of such diseases. Even in the past two decades, we have seen SARS, H1N1, EBOLA and now Corona. Just like there have always been bad actors and good actors even among humans, there are bad actors and good actors in these invisible beings - Virus, Bacteria, Fungus et al.

COVID-19 is just one of the many epidemics/pandemics yet to come. The human race is at least thousands of years old, if not millions. So are these diseases. We have increased our lives by learning to fight these diseases that we cannot even retire with full benefits until the age of 67.5 (US). Of course retirement is a human term and has nothing to do with biology. I see some people still working very efficiently even at the ripe old age of 89 (Warren Buffett), while many people just cannot sustain the government created retirement age of 67.5.

I just think we were too complacent in our medical discoveries and inventions. We were shocked by this new invention by either the Chinese or God. But we should not be. We should always be epidemic ready, no matter what. Never expected the US to not have adequate PPEs for at least the medical professionals.

Every year 30-60 thousand people die of Common Flu just in the US (supposedly one of the most advanced medical system). These deaths do not include cancer, car accidents, heart failures or just regular deaths. I hear a lot about ventilators these days. Has anyone even thought about the fact that most people die once they reach that stage, just with more suffering. Ventilators should be banned except for some special conditions when the doctors are confident that the patient will survive,

Let's just live our lives, practice basic hygiene and be happy. I think if we just find a vocation that makes us happy most viruses will not be able to touch us as our bodies will be able to fight them. I personally think all these bad actor invisible enemies are all around us all the time and god has designed our bodies to fight them. If we cannot fight alone we have developed enough medicines to fight the most common illnesses.

COVID-19 will also go away soon and will be anecdotal like SARS or H1N1. At least we should not kill ourselves even before the virus kills us, by creating artificial economic shutdowns. Everyone has to die one day. Lets just do the basic for now - Test, Test, Test and help the folks who are in trouble, not ostracize them and just live carefully a bit until we have a cure in place. Even without drugs many people have already had the infection and survived and they do not even know.

The show must go on!


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